# Wednesday, December 21, 2005

LOTY: 2004

2004 was my C# year. I think I have done a nice work.. Coming from C++ was not so difficult, at first it was like using a "scripting C++", i.e. C++ as a two level language. (Little digression: one of the thing I like most of C++ is its ability to be used as a language for languages. Nobody should use C++ low-level features to build a commercial application, but she shuold create a very well designed and optimized library, with all the quick and dirts of the language, and then use this newly created enviroment as her production language. That's the power of C++!)

But C# is much more than a simplified version of C++. It has functional seeds in it, that are growing more and more through the various versions: first delegates, now full closures (anon delegetes), iterators and yields, and for the future anon classes, extension methods, expressions trees and lambda functions! I am very thrilled!
You may wonder why it took me one year (and why I think I have done a nice work) to learn C#. Well, I was productive in an evening (is a very simple language) bbut I wanted to go "under the hood". I think that the best starting point is still Don Box's "Essential .NET". Is a .NET book, but it describes very well the interactions between the language and the compiler. Then I downloaded and take a peek inside Rotor (like you can see here.. Boy, that was interesting!). And then I went for C# variations: Spec#, Comega... and my own contract language! =)

2004 was a nice year. I like C#, and I found it very procuctive (truth to say, it is mainly thanks to .NET), and the functional flavour it is taking is good!

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