# Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm back!

After some interval that looks like 7 years (hikes!)... I decided it was time to go back and blog again!

The first step was to refresh my old blog: the domain was still there, registered and paid. And unbelievably, after upgrading dasBlog with the right tools, the old posts where there too!

Disclaimer: take them for what they are; old posts about my past coding experiences! :)

They were a fun read; some of them looks funny (wow, my writing style really changed - I hope for the best - in the last few years!), but I decided to let them there anyway: someone can still find them useful.
However, I will definitely not going to blog about the same thinks.

In fact, the main reason I wanted to resume blogging is because I am going to start a new project, and I want to keep a record, a journal of how it will evolve. Even if it is only for myself. Hence, the title: coding for fun. I will talk mainly about coding, and the fun that it (still) gives to me.