# Friday, November 04, 2005

Hello Blog World!

My name is Lorenzo, and I am an Italian developer. I am currently employed in a public institute for bioinformatics, in a small town not too far from where I live. At work, I focus on developing web applications for the management of laboratory data, as well as on tecniques to annotate (i.e. predict and give a function) to genes and genes products. This includes mainly algorithms on graphs and text mining.
My real interests, however, are Windows, .NET and programming languages.
Why? Well.. Windows was my first OS. I grew with him, gathering more knowledge in the years. I really like exploring the inners of the NT kernel, the Win32 API, the COM(+) programming model, and now .NET.
I am really fond of C++, its multi-paradigm nature, and I also like very much C# and ML.
I thought about writing a blog to share with others knowledge and experience, both on bioinformatics and on the other subjects. I'd love to know if anyone will read me. So please, comment! Thank you.